Friday, December 7, 2007

My December To Do List!

*make Grandma Peterson's caramels
*watch it's a wonderful life
---have an overnighter in Salt Lake with girlfriends *I'm thinking this isn't going to happen...maybe next year!
*address and mail cards
find misletoe (I think The Flower Basket has some), hang it in my house and kiss under it.
*go to Borders and buy a new Christmas CD
*take the kiddies to Salt Lake Temple to see the Nativity and Lights

Our family at Temple Square! This is where it all began!

This is Max in the visitors center. We were all wandering around looking at the displays downstairs. We turned around and saw little Max trying to catch some Zs. I felt so bad.
*go to a Christmas Concert

Sunday morning my Mom and I went to "The Spoken Word" at the confrence center(I watch this every sunday morning with my family as we eat breakfast). It was sooo fun to be there. It was pretty much exactly like the concerts on Friday and Saturday (after the recording of the spoken word they put on the Concert). Where do I begin to tell you how much I loved listening and watching the "Tabernacle Choir", The "King's Singers," the "Orchestra at Temple Square" in person sitting 14 rows behind the First Presidency of the Church.

The spirit was so strong and I can't tell you in words how it moved me! There is something about music that touches my heart more than anything else. They sang many beautiful songs about the birth of our Savior and threw in a few "Old English" classics ( I can't get enough of songs about "don"ing gay apparel and lads and lasses hailing in the new year! I LOVE IT!)

Oh, and they performed a wonderful arrangement of the Twelve Days of Cristmas" a song that I usually find unbearable to listen to. Even the Uof U Ballet also made a few appearances.

MoTab, Ballet, an Orchestra, and six talented, funny, English guys.

I was in Heaven!

The First Presidency gave the Kings Singers their Geneology as a gift at the end of the concert.

Can you imagine??

*sign up to buy gifts for a needy child
have a romantic, candle lit dinner by the Christmas tree
tell childhood Christmas memories around the fire
*go shopping and out to a festive dinner with Clay one evening
*buy/give the kiddies their Christmas Pajamas for Christmas eve
*put some of my favorite Christmas CDs in the car and sing along with the kids.
*make gingerbread houses~ Clay and Jack made one and Gracie and I made one (and Max just ate a bunch of candy). Can you guess which is which??

*make hot chocolate (& marshmallows) and popcorn and watch the Grinch with the kiddies
*buy/ put a wreath on our front door
*donate canned goods
*give neighbors/friends gifts
*display friend's and family's Christmas cards
*make gingerbread men with friends

make bitsy elf clogs
*figure out what I'm giving Clay for Christmas
*mail out a bunch of gifts
--relax the entire week before Christmas --Yeah right, I wish!
What was I thinking?
*plan a Christmas lesson I will be teaching (the Beehives) on the 23rd ~started!
*go to Melanie's Annual Cookie Exchange Party
*make some realistic resolutions for 2008
*go to Summer's Christmas Party
*crochet Gracie a dress
*go to family Christmas Parties
****take lots of bubble baths
go tubing at rock canyon park


I will put a star by the ones I've finished!


O Blog de Dave and Amy said...

WoW!!! Looks like you've got quite the month ahead of you!! Wish I could do some of those things with you!! Especially the "remember past Christmas memories around the fire"...that would be fun!! Merry Christmas!!! Love you!!!

Hubba's Thoughts said...

You are ambitious!! I know you'll accomplish everything on your list! Good luck! Merry Christmas!

mom said...

Your list is longer than my list...But you'll probably have everything done before I do. You are so creative and do such fun things. Isn't Christmas a wonderful time!!! We love you all.

Holly said...

it was so fun to visit with you today and your house looks so wonderful and festive! good luck on your list, i have quite the list myself!

Nicolle said...

Hi Kristen! Its Nicolle and I found you on Summers blog! How are you? I want to invite you to this little boutique party that we are having with lots of cute stuff for guys and girls! You dont want to miss it! Really bring your friends and come, you doont want to miss it! Hey call me too!

Thurs. 13th 6-9
1674 North 980 West

Hubba's Thoughts said...

Your gingerbread house look great!! Have the kids tried eating the candy off of it yet?? Have a great day!

Holly said...

okay, i am thoroughly impressed with your gingerbread houses!

Dennis & Dixie said...

I laughed and laughed at the gingerbread houses. You guys are awesome!!