Sunday, December 23, 2007

I give up

Um, yeah. This is the closest I got to a photo of them in their cute Christmas attire. I got about 15 just like this one before I gave up in a mix of frustration and laughter (only one smiling, two bothering each other, Gracie wanted to hold hands and Jack wanted to put his arm around Max, and Max wanted to be left least they are all looking at the camera in this pic! ) Oh well. But hey, see those cute matching sweaters? Too cute huh? This year I got matching pajamas for all three of them. Last year I got Gracie an adorable April Cornell petticoat and the boys red flannel classic (GAP) pajamas. Gracie was sad she couldn't match too. I think she needs a little sister. (that wasn't an announcement).


O Blog de Dave and Amy said...

I think that picture turned out pretty dang cute! How could it not with your kids??
We've always done the Christmas Pajama tradition and I've always loved it! I still make my mom buy me pajamas for Christmas Eve!
I hope you guys have a good Christmas!

Holly said...

they are so cute kristen and that's a great picture!

Summer said...

So cute! So, did you get through most of your Christmas list?!! Thanks for the muffin mix - they were delicious!