Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fire Station Fieldtrip

I don't think I've ever mentioned the pre-school Jack and Gracie attend. They go to "Rainbow Pre-school" It is taught by Helen Gurley, a woman (retired elementary teacher) that lives in our neighborhood. She has proved to be a wonderful teacher for the twins! They love her so much and are always so excited when it's time to head over there! Today for preschool we visited the fire station down on 3rd south and 7th east. At first I wasn't too thrilled about having to give up my two hours of free time with Max to cart the twins across town for an hour and then back to pre-school for only 30 min. that remained , but now I'm glad I went because I got some cute pictures, it was fun to watch the twins respond to the intresting and fun times at the station, and I actually enjoyed the tour and learned some intresting facts! The twins took the whole trip very seriously. Jack was very serious most of the time, I don't know why but it was cute to watch him really pay attention to every little thing. Gracie was pretty serious too but then she would turn to me and give me an "I am super excited about all this" smile. It was also fun to have Max there and be included with what the twins were doing. He was a very good boy the whole time and wasn't quite sure what the whole thing was about but very intrested in all the sights to see!

(That's Maxwell in the yellow)

It was a good day!

Here's a shout out to the Provo Firemen!

You guys are Awesome! Thank you for all you do!

Friday, October 12, 2007


We've been having many good times so far this beautiful autumn season! It's been so nice outside and we have tried to spend a lot of time soaking it all in! Of course I had to make my annual batch of caramel apples! My friend Jen and her adorable Paityn has come over the past couple of years and we make them together! It's a tradition I think will carry on for many years to come! Soooo Very Yummy!

On Conference Sunday, we watched as much conference as the kiddies would allow and then after lunch we went

for a drive up Sundance Canyon. The air was crisp, colors were bright and we were all just happy we were all together to witness the beautiful sights surrounding us! then back home for naps and some peace and quiet for the next session! Yey! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed General Conference. I loved to talk given by Julie B. Beck Mothers Who Know. I needed this talk and every word was both motivating and inspiring to me. I Love Love Loved it! I also Loved Henry B.Eyring's talk O Remember, Remember. All four sessions were just so wonderful!! It was a great weekend.

Today, My sister Jen and I packed up the kiddies and went down to the Vineyard Garden Center and had way more fun than expected. Here are a bunch of pictures from our

"Autumn Day of Fun"

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Summer Highlights

Island Park/Yellowstone Family Reunion

I can't decide which one I like most of Clay and I!

Jack and Gracie's 4th Birthday (Buzz Lightyear & My Little Pony)


Lots of time with all of our cousins

Picking LOTS of apricots

Tracy Aviary

Gymnastics class and summer camps

Finding out Dave and Amy are having TWINS & Amy's baby Shower

4th of July

Girls Camp

Meeting Jackson Gary Myers

Other Highlights:
Visits with Grandma DeGraff
Many trips to Seven Peaks
Swiss Days with Mom
Waterford Computer Class once a week
Our 11th Wedding Aniversary weekend getaway
Girls Weekend with Mom and Jen
"Movies in the Park" @ rock canyon park
What a Wonderful Summer!
Thanks to all of you!