Thursday, October 4, 2007

Summer Highlights

Island Park/Yellowstone Family Reunion

I can't decide which one I like most of Clay and I!

Jack and Gracie's 4th Birthday (Buzz Lightyear & My Little Pony)


Lots of time with all of our cousins

Picking LOTS of apricots

Tracy Aviary

Gymnastics class and summer camps

Finding out Dave and Amy are having TWINS & Amy's baby Shower

4th of July

Girls Camp

Meeting Jackson Gary Myers

Other Highlights:
Visits with Grandma DeGraff
Many trips to Seven Peaks
Swiss Days with Mom
Waterford Computer Class once a week
Our 11th Wedding Aniversary weekend getaway
Girls Weekend with Mom and Jen
"Movies in the Park" @ rock canyon park
What a Wonderful Summer!
Thanks to all of you!


O Blog de Dave and Amy said...

GREAT post, Kris!!! Great pictures!!! Sounds like you had quite the summer!! :)

Summer said...

I am so happy to see you have update the blog - I love all the pictures and especially the family ones - so beautiful! I am so happy we have become friends - you are an amazing person!

Jen Bird said...

Hooray!! I am so glad to see you've updated!! :) haha!! I love the pressure of blogging. Love all the pictures of your family!! Sounds like a fun summer!!

Holly said...

Kristen, those pictures of you & Clay and the kiddos are so great! You are such a good looking fam.

And that picture of the buffalo is A-MAZE-ING!!

mom said...

I loved reading your updated blog. You have really had a fun and busy summer. I loved sharing some of it with you and your family. The pictures are wonderful; what a beautiful family you are! Thanks for sharing some of your fun times with us.