Tuesday, February 24, 2009

max.. again.

Last Friday night our little family went out to dinner. I got Max out of his car seat and took him into the restaurant while Clay was waiting for the twins. As we were walking he looked at me and out of nowhere asked me "Mommy, did you buy us?" I thought it was a good question for a 3 year old to ask. Most of the "things" we have he asks us where we got them, and I tell him we bought it at this or that store.... I paused for a sec, and then said "No, Heavenly Father gave you to us!" he looked at me and said with his head tilted to the side and eye brows raised and sincerely said "He is sooo NICE!" I smiled and hugged him and said "He sure is!" I love that he reminds me of the simple facts in this life... I'm so grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me my three gems!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Best Big Brother Ever!

A little over a month ago I went to a photography class up in Salt Lake since the hubby got me a sweet new camera (with too many gadgets I knew NOTHING about) for Christmas. I asked my parents to watch my kiddies. I was so excited, it was fun, and I actually learned a lot! On the way home, about 3 minutes before pulling up to my parents house, my mom called and asked where I was (I just thought they were waiting for me to eat or something). Long story short, she told me to hurry because Jack's head was bleeding excessively, he was freaking out, and would definitely need to go to the hospital for stitches. My mom and I took him in and he got stitched up and the doctor let him pick out two stickers! After a very long, dramatic hour at the instacare we went to the store (beforehand I had told him that after we got the stitches in he could pick out a toy) and he picked out a little car. I asked him if he was sure that's what he wanted (wondering why he chose such a small little toy after I had told him he could pick any toy he wanted).. he said yes, so we went to pay for it and the candy and gum was right there so I told him he could choose something. He chose a pack of gum (Gracie's fav). When we got back to my parents house everyone ran to him concerned and glad he was ok. The first thing he did was give the stickers to Max, the gum to Grace, and played contently with his little car! What a sweetie, right? He has always been like this so it didn't surprise me too much. Ever since he could talk and I would give him something he would ask for one for Grace...and now for Max too. I love it!
He's awesome!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentines '09

I LOVE Valentines Day!

As the kiddies get older and older i'm tickled at how boys and girls are sooo very different.. this week of valentines was NO exception! Sooo funny!
*we made valentine cookies
-boys- goofed around consuming as much sugar they could.. and made a mess
-girls (gracie and her friend ellie)- strategically and carefully decorated each cookie and contemplated about who the recipients would be. oh, and i took some time out and made special valentine cookies for each member of our lovely family!

*we made valentines for classmates and friends
-boys- goofed around and finally (after I nagged them for an hour) wrote on their names on the superhero/Disney valentines they picked out and stuffed them in envelopes. Then threw whatever candy in them that they didn't eat first. complaining half the time...
-gracie- took an entire afternoon designing and handwriting "I Love You" and "heart" Grace D. on each individual valentine. Color coordinating doilie hearts and punching out paper hearts, putting them together... making an assembly line of candy in bowls so everyone got the same, fair amount of candy. Loving every minute!

*we came home after the school parties

-boys (Max, Jack and his friend Justin)- dumped out their bags and rummaged through the candy... scarfed down a bunch in a matter of minutes and ran downstairs to play.
-gracie- carefully, one by one reached in her bag and read each valentine.. absolutely tickled and flattered as I helped her read what they all said! She ate a couple pieces of the candy but most of it was too cute to eat at the moment. then after relishing for a while, put all of the valentines away in a bag and put them out of reach of the boys (she knows better than to leave them laying around).

How I enjoy observing these fun times in their lives! It's especially interesting seeing the differences of the boys and girls.. being so close in age.

Anyway, this year valentines was the best ever! It's always nice to be reminded of how much you love your loved ones and be told by them how much they care about and love you! I am so blessed to have so much love in my life... all year long!

Let's build a school!

Click to enlarge!

This is a huge fundraiser my darling friend Laura Dugovic has been inspired to throw out there for anyone who is willing and able to help "Mothers Without Borders". I think this sounds uber fun! If you want to donate items to help raise some money, email me kdegraff@gmail and i'll come pick up your donations or you can drop them off at my house! Otherwise, I'll see you there where we'll be scoring on a bunch of cute things and help a great cause!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a road trip...

Here is a ridiculously long post/photo album of our fun filled vacation to California! We had such a great time together as a little family and I really don't want to forget one tinsy thing about it!
soooo, Jack, Grace, Max, Clay.....

Remember when we drove to California? And remember you guys were sooo good in the car and daddy and I really appreciated it! That was fabulous!
Remember that evening we went down to the beach that was by our "cottage" and we thought it would be too dark and cold but daddy said it would be nice.. and it was? And remember you guys found a bunch of random stuff on the beach (like feathers and broken seashells) and you thought it was the coolest thing ever! That was kinda funny!

Remember we went to Ghiradelli's and bought a bunch of chocolate and shared a gynormous sundae? That was SOOO yummy! (oh, and remember that necklace Gracie's wearing was the only thing she wanted for a souvenier and we bought it from a cute little chinese woman who ADORED Grace?)

Remember at the pier watching the sea lions and daddy kept "barking" at them (really loud) and they finally started barking back? That was soo funny (and kinda embarrassing LOL)!

Remember when we went to the Aquarium and Jack wanted to wear his shark sweater we bought for him the day before? and remember how excited jack was to touch a bunch of sea creatures and he was teaching people around him all about the starfish and crabs and sharks? That was awesome! I was so proud of my little man.

Remember how Jack couldn't stop smiling at the aquarium? That was very cute!

Remember when it was raining really hard one day so we went to the children's museum and you guys were happy and doing things for hours on end? That was soooo fun!Remember the grounds outside our charming capitola cottage you played around in? Oh how I loved the tree outside our window that had those red berries on it! I wanted to bring it home with me.

Remember this big tree outside of our cottage that you would always climb? And the fluffy white kitty you would always play with? He was beautiful and loved you so much! That was so great!

Remember how we had enough beds for everyone but you all wanted to sleep in the same bed together? Remember Max kept falling off the bed (when he was sleeping and wouldn't even cry.. it was so crazy) so we had to get a roll-away bed so you could all still be in the same room like you wanted? That made me want to cry because you are such good friends and love each other so much!

Remember the day it was hot enough to go to the beach and swim? That was the best!

Remember Jack and Grace kept holding hands and letting the waves crash into them and they didn't care how hard they hit them because they would hold each other up? That was sweet.

Remember Jack couldn't control his enthusiasm about actually being at the beach? That was hilarious!
Remember Gracie would come over to me and just want to rest for a little bit? That was nice.
Remember how good the sand felt on our bare feet (compared to wearing boots in the snow at home)? That was wonderful!

Remember how we danced on the beach? That was special.

Remember when Max would come lay by me and give me kisses all day long (like he normally does)? that was sooo cute!

Remember how we ate out ALL the time at uber yummy restaurants and it was really nice for mommy since she didn't have to cook but it got kinda old? (and jack kept trying to be funny when i'd get my camera out... nice look jack! lol)

Remember the million other good times like
-going over the golden gate bridge
-going to church and having to park 6 blocks away... and seeing the cute girl who writes this blog but not being able to say hi cause they left early. :(
-hanging out with my friend Melissa... i can't believe i didn't take pictures of us!?!
-how daddy would make us order a couple desserts every night and we would have them bring us 5 forks or spoons and we'd dig in and share!
-how excited I felt coming home safe and sound with my family in tow!

I look forward to MANY more family vacations like this and making MANY more memories!!