Sunday, January 23, 2011

babies 4 month birthday (on the 20th)

i'm coming to terms with the fact that i won't be getting a good picture of all three babies until 2013. but i thought i'd post some so you can see how big they are getting!

i thought this picture was funny cause cole is being a ham.. he is ALWAYS smiling. just ask the other kids who has a perma-grin. ava is quite the serious baby. this expression is usually what she's sporting. she will smile when talked to and smiled at but only if she has a full tummy and isn't too tired. she isn't grumpy.. she just likes to chill and doesn't demand attention. and henry is super happy lately too. he is our serious wiggle worm. he's always kicking and laughing. he does not like to be still for more than a few seconds. it's funny. bath time with that boy is hilarious. i usually get all wet too.

see what i mean about ava liking to chill and relax? she's been known to fall asleep on the floor while i'm tending to another baby. i love how easy she is. i think she's purposely being kind to her mommy cause she loves her so much! :)

recently, the trio is looking at each other and getting to know one another. i love watching them smile and laugh at each other.. it tickles my heart and makes raising three babies at once a bit more rewarding. they are sleeping better these days and so clay and i are feeling a lot more rested, thank goodness. i'm super busy during the day, but it's so nice to be greeted with smiles for hours on end these last few weeks. i love it!

here's a picture gracie took of cole and i today (kinda blurry haha). i love sundays. it's nice to have clay home all day and so i get a nap if i'm lucky. the past few weeks, we have been building fires in our fireplace almost every evening. i enjoy reading with the older kids while holding one of the babies. today we've been playing connect four, setting up our big train set... fireside. sooo funny to see how amused the babies think this is. i thoroughly love watching the world through the eyes of these little ones. what a nice day.

Happy Sunday!