Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend Review

It's Sunday afternoon and the children are asleep so I've been on the computer catching up on sites I like to visit. This week has been a good one. Not a lot to talk about~just the regular weekly routine. This weekend was fun though. Friday I went to Thanksgiving Point to drop off a car seat to sell at a consignment sale they were having in the garden room with my Mom, and sister Jen. Then we went to eat and then went back to see if there was anything good at the sale. We found a few fun things and went on spending the rest of the evening and night at Jen's house Gary was out of town so it was a fun "girls night". Saturday morning when I got home Clay and I took the children to a fun park in Orem and then did some grocery shopping. When we got home the children went down for a nap and I ran some errands. When evening came Clay and I went to Kim's (Clay's business partner) 40th Birthday party. The food was yummy and it was fun to see some old freinds and catch up on what everyone is doing. Church was nice and now I get to spend the evening playing games and reading books with my sweet family! Sorry no pictures but we got a new printer so I have to figure out how to download form my camera all over again. Have a great day!!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Weekend

We had such an eventful Easter weekend this year!

It was packed with family, lots of friends, and, of course yummy food and candy!

I'll start at the beginning.

Saturday morning we all woke up early for our funfilled day. Clay took the children to an Easter egg hunt while I stayed home and prepared the food and decorations for Gracie's "Easter Bunny Brunch". I served four of the most charming little girls in the whole wide world (Gracie, Annie, Paityn, and Avery) sandwiches, doughnuts, and fruit. There were also bunny ears provided and a peanut butter egg to satisfy a possible sweet tooth. Afterwards I read them a couple of Gracies favorite Easter Bunny books. It was a delightful morning spending time with them and their mothers(a few of my best friends!)

The next big event was a suprise birthday party for my friend Jenny. It was her 30th birthday and Darin wanted to throw her a Big Suprise Bash and so I and a bunch of other friends helped put together a party she will not soon forget! The food was amazing! We had all signed up to bring something and so there was lots and lots of yummy salads, BBQ pork sandwiches, drinks and you can just imagine the desset table. Suzanne and I were in charge of the decorations and I think they turned out pretty darn cute. We got to hang out with old friends and meet some new ones! There was some very silly singing performed by the birthday girl herself and Courtney that we all very much enjoyed(Gracie kept looking at me with the cutest face as if to say... are they for real? it was soo funny), but of course the highlight of the evening was when Jenny showed up completely shocked. She is such a sweet person and I feel so blessed to be her friend. I hope she had a fun night. We surley did.

I was asked earlier in the week if I would teach the Easter lesson. I decided to accept and was somewhat regretting my decision the rest of the week. But Saturday night (yes, I am the biggest procratinator) I was preparing the lesson and it was really nice, after such a busy week, to sit down and focus on Christ and the ressurection for a few hours. It was definitly what I needed and honestly, if I wasn't teaching the lesson, I doubt I would have studied the scriptures so earnestly.

Well, Easter morning arrived and (like most Sunday mornings) was quite crazy. The Easter Bunny had some fun little gifts for everyone (coloring books, puzzle books, and a cute little bunny I got from Anthropologie)! I was trying to get the children fed, dressed, hair brushed, shoes on, and then praying they would stay full, dressed, keep the ribbon in, and leave their shoes on until it was time to go. I got myself ready and went over my lesson... and we did it... We got to church on time!

When we got home we ate a snack and my Mom, Dad, sister Jen, and her husband Gary, and daughter Madi came for dinner! It was sooo yummy and we had a lot of fun just hanging out! Thanks Mom & Dad for the Books, Lotion, Candy and DVD (Wink Wink)!

It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Egg Hunt

Yesterday was such a fun day! First I had lunch with some very lovely ladies at P.F. Chang's. Happy Birthday to Jenny! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!
I forgot to take pictures of the old gang... BUT.... I did take pictures of the very thrilling easter egg hunt at Rock Canyon Park with some ward buddies of ours!
It was sooo fun and the kiddies got way to much candy.

Today was very hecktic. It was one of those days were I felt like I said "just a minute" every 10 minutes. I was doing things and running errands to get ready for the Big Easter weekend!

Here's a preview of Gracies little "Easter Bunny Brunch" tomorrow. We invited a few of her girlfriends and we will be having a delightful morning out on the deck eating and reading some choice easter bunny books!

Candy, Nordstom lip balm, and a little baby chick.

Could a three year old girl want for anything else? I dare say no.