Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend Review

It's Sunday afternoon and the children are asleep so I've been on the computer catching up on sites I like to visit. This week has been a good one. Not a lot to talk about~just the regular weekly routine. This weekend was fun though. Friday I went to Thanksgiving Point to drop off a car seat to sell at a consignment sale they were having in the garden room with my Mom, and sister Jen. Then we went to eat and then went back to see if there was anything good at the sale. We found a few fun things and went on spending the rest of the evening and night at Jen's house Gary was out of town so it was a fun "girls night". Saturday morning when I got home Clay and I took the children to a fun park in Orem and then did some grocery shopping. When we got home the children went down for a nap and I ran some errands. When evening came Clay and I went to Kim's (Clay's business partner) 40th Birthday party. The food was yummy and it was fun to see some old freinds and catch up on what everyone is doing. Church was nice and now I get to spend the evening playing games and reading books with my sweet family! Sorry no pictures but we got a new printer so I have to figure out how to download form my camera all over again. Have a great day!!!


Messimoo said...

I like your idea of a simple review. I need to do that soon. See ya today!

Messimoo said...

Oh where, oh where had Kristen gone? I challenge you to do the "odd facts about me" that I did on my blog. I would love to read them.

david said...

Kristen...word. Hey, told you I would visit your blog. Jenny is already obsessed with all your links, so thanks! Good luck fixing that printer. Peace!!