Sunday, October 12, 2008

A cold, snowy Sunday morning with Max

This morning around 6:30 Max enters my bedroom and climbs into bed with me. After laying there quietly for a few min he says

Max-mom, I totally love you.
Me- I totally love you too max, go back to sleep, ok?

about five minutes later
Max-you wanna see my booger?
Me-no max, go back to sleep.

about five minutes later-
Max-can I get my boots and coat on and go touch the snow?
Me-- no Max.

a couple minutes later
Max- i really, REALLY want to touch the snow and get my shovel

in a mix of exhaustion and laughter I get up.
as we are walking into the kitchen,
Max- do you wanna see my animals?

Max zips down his zipper on his footie pajamas and pulls out a big alligator and rhino

I laugh and enjoy his show and tell. Come in the office and start typing this blog entry

still laughing I get the first line typed up and he comes in here and says

Max- mom, i need to go potty, will you help me?

Max- let me take my dinosaurs and batman out first!
he then pulls nine dinosaurs and a batman toy out of his leg!
(ok, his jammies are a size 4 so a little bit roomy!)

he goes potty and I get him dressed and bundled up.

Soooo funny!

Now he's out shoveling our deck!