Sunday, October 12, 2008

A cold, snowy Sunday morning with Max

This morning around 6:30 Max enters my bedroom and climbs into bed with me. After laying there quietly for a few min he says

Max-mom, I totally love you.
Me- I totally love you too max, go back to sleep, ok?

about five minutes later
Max-you wanna see my booger?
Me-no max, go back to sleep.

about five minutes later-
Max-can I get my boots and coat on and go touch the snow?
Me-- no Max.

a couple minutes later
Max- i really, REALLY want to touch the snow and get my shovel

in a mix of exhaustion and laughter I get up.
as we are walking into the kitchen,
Max- do you wanna see my animals?

Max zips down his zipper on his footie pajamas and pulls out a big alligator and rhino

I laugh and enjoy his show and tell. Come in the office and start typing this blog entry

still laughing I get the first line typed up and he comes in here and says

Max- mom, i need to go potty, will you help me?

Max- let me take my dinosaurs and batman out first!
he then pulls nine dinosaurs and a batman toy out of his leg!
(ok, his jammies are a size 4 so a little bit roomy!)

he goes potty and I get him dressed and bundled up.

Soooo funny!

Now he's out shoveling our deck!



O Blog de Dave and Amy said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it. Kristen wrote a blog!! Ha Ha.. Cute story!! What a cute boy he is!
Love Ya! Amy

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Gunner loves to shove toys down his pants as well and it's way cute (and practical really) We should get them together to play.

Hubba's Thoughts said...

Max is so sweet and cute.. It makes you wonder how long the dinosaurs were in his PJs.. Did he sleep with them in there?? Maybe he got cold during the night.. Love you Max!

M to the E to the R to the I said...

Hey Kristen! That is so cute about the sneaky toys hiding in his P.j.s. Kids are the greatest. Where do you live that you had enough snow to shovel off your deck? I thought you lived around here? Do you live in the mountains?

Holly said...

that is so funny. max is such a cutie!

lramey said...

what a funny story! that's awesome he had a cubby hole for his toys in his jammies!!! can you still not get picture on here??? we need to get you some help for that!

Dugovic Domain said...

Wow, what a cute boy! How did he snuggle comfortably in bed with you withll those treasures in his jams!? Love it. I am so happy you just blogged!! Keep blogging- again and again and again... what are you cleaning today? What shoes are you wearing? j/k! I miss reading your blogs!!