Friday, October 12, 2007


We've been having many good times so far this beautiful autumn season! It's been so nice outside and we have tried to spend a lot of time soaking it all in! Of course I had to make my annual batch of caramel apples! My friend Jen and her adorable Paityn has come over the past couple of years and we make them together! It's a tradition I think will carry on for many years to come! Soooo Very Yummy!

On Conference Sunday, we watched as much conference as the kiddies would allow and then after lunch we went

for a drive up Sundance Canyon. The air was crisp, colors were bright and we were all just happy we were all together to witness the beautiful sights surrounding us! then back home for naps and some peace and quiet for the next session! Yey! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed General Conference. I loved to talk given by Julie B. Beck Mothers Who Know. I needed this talk and every word was both motivating and inspiring to me. I Love Love Loved it! I also Loved Henry B.Eyring's talk O Remember, Remember. All four sessions were just so wonderful!! It was a great weekend.

Today, My sister Jen and I packed up the kiddies and went down to the Vineyard Garden Center and had way more fun than expected. Here are a bunch of pictures from our

"Autumn Day of Fun"


Anderson Family said...

Kris, When I read what your two favorite talks were from conference I couldn't believe it. I had the exact same experience with both talks! Julie Beck's especially. I have listened to it twice since then (and Pres. Eyrings once) and taken notes and LOVED IT!!! I guess we just want to be the best moms we can and that talk will definitely help!!! Inspiring!!!
Also, what a fun autumn you have had so far! Wish we could be there to share in the fun!

Dennis said...

Kris, today I discovered you had a blog! I really didn't know, noone told me. Looking through it I found you posted some nice things on Father's Day. Thank you so much for being wonderful daughter, mother, and wife. I love you and very proud of you.

Holly said...

Kristen - I also loved Sister Beck's talk too! And I love those fall pictures. We need to do that too, before it's too late. Although with all this rain I don't know what leaves will still be on the trees!

I just realized that I don't have your email. Would you email me so that I get it? I wanted to invite you to a little thing at my house.

My email is:


Messimoo said...

How is it possible that you are all so stinkin' cute! I LOVE all of your pictures. I am so glad you posted again. We really need to get together!

Sister Beck's talk was my fave too! I think it was wonderful for pretty much any mother! Very inspired! It all was!

Jen Bird said...

I'm so glad you posted again!! I love to hear about what you guys are doing!! I love making the caramel apples with you guys!! It's such a fun tradition! Love all of your fall pictures as well!! Let's get together soon.

Jenny said...

FUN!!! You've inspired me - I'm taking the boys to the pumpkin patch TODAY and then we've got to make caramel apples! How did you make yours? - they look sooooo YUMMY!

Holly said...

That caramel apple was SO good!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!