Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Reading

Between shopping, wrapping, cleaning, and baking, we've managed to do lots holiday reading! Here are a few books that have found a home on our fireplace the last few weeks.

Walt Disney's Santa's Toy Shop. This is a charming story of the classic tales of Santa. I love the illustrations. very vintage and colorful!

Little Red's Christmas Story by Sarah Ferguson. I love this book! I so want to live at Buttercup Cottage!

Santa's New Suit by Laura Radaer. I have to be talked into reading this one. Need I say more.

A sweet board book about about the true meaning of Christmas. A must read almost every day!

The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore ill. by Donald Mills. Of course the ultimate classic read! I love this Illustrator. He really painted Santa's face beautifully.. how I would hope he really looks!!!

The Biggest Best Snowman By Margery Cuyler. The kiddies love this one too. It's about Little "Nell" and her forest friends working together! Soo cute!

Snow by Uri Shulevtz. Cute book about the excitement snow brings to a childs world. Very sweet and again, I love the illustrations!
The Friend. Lots of sweet stories (I swear I get more out of this than the Kiddies~ I get teary reading some of this stuff~ They really know how to get to me)and fun things to do!!

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