Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Today we (the kiddies and I) went to the Mall for some last minute gifts. We were at Macey's looking around for something Clay would like. Jack and Grace kept looking at the watches in the glass case. Jack came over to me and said "I think Daddy needs a clock for his arm." Clay and I don't own Watches (we don't see the need for them) so Jack, obviously, didn't know what to call it! I just thought this was a cute way to describe a watch and I don't want to forget these precious moments of motherhood... and... I just had to share!

Oh, and an update on the Santa and Grace Situation... when we were at the mall I suggested that we go sit on Santa's lap. Jack and Max were psyched, of course, and Grace was quite apprehensive with the idea. We got in line and she said "That's not Santa. He doesn't have a red suit on." So I went into this big spill on how it was probably at the cleaners or something because it got dirty somehow.... and he has to have it nice and clean for Christmas Eve! This explanation made sense and was satisfying, but she still refused to sit on his lap.

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