Friday, December 14, 2007

Johnny Nicholas

The other day I heard Jack talking to Grace about
"Johnny Nicholas".
Gracie didn't know what he was talking about and Jack was getting frustrated. Finally, Jack said
"you know, Santa"!
Then I remembered earlier that day we were listening to the song that starts out "Jolly old St. Nicholas" he must of misunderstood it . I couldn't help but laugh!
Speaking of St Nick, Jack and Max are still firm believers but Gracie, I'm not so sure. This year she has been asking a lot of questions. Like
"how does he fit down the chimney?" and
"how does he see me when I'm sleeping, and how does he know when I'm awake?"
of things like that. I think she wants to believe but is confused about some of the facts. I'm not prepared to give her explanations. I just have been saying "what do you think?" or "He's Magic" But that just generates more questions. I'm sorry, but it's weird to me to make up lies and exaggerate the whole Santa thing.
How do you answer these questions?
I need help!


Hubba's Thoughts said...

Gracie is just too smart for her own good!!! She is sweet. That's cute that Jack and Max are eatin' in up! What a great age.

Messimoo said...

Technically it's lying, but it's also carrying on traditions and folklores which are stories anyway, so you don't have to feel too guilty, right??? :)

I can't believe all your fun December things to do list. I am IMPRESSED!

Summer said...

I love the updated blog! I love to see your Christmas to do list too! How fun you are all the time!