Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Winter

is what we woke up to the first day of
beautiful~ pure~ fluffy~ white~ delight!
We stayed inside all morning and ate apple cinnamon muffins and drank hot chocolate while we watched the snow fall and some occasional cars sliding all over the roads (this is actually quite entertaining). Then we got bundled up and went sledding in our front yard. The kiddies had a lot of fun rediscovering the flurry of winter! The cutest was when Max said with raised eyebrows, "I wuuuuub gwoubs. huh?" (I looooove gloves, huh?).


Jenny said...

Kristen...I love it! That is such a BEAUTIFUL picture. So fun to hang out last night - we need to do it more!

Hubba's Thoughts said...

Great Picture! You guys have such a great view! Have a great night.

Summer said...

I love this picture! I am so sad we were gone when it snowed! We should make a sledding hill!

Holly said...

That's such a great shot!

And I agree with Jenny, we need to hang out more often!