Monday, September 21, 2009

jack's new found passion

wednessday, september 16th, 2009
after school in the parking lot

jack- mom! i'm going to be in a race tomorrow!
me- really?
jack- ya, and i'm going to win and get a trophy(reaching for the little green flyer in his back pack)
me- awesome. you are so fast!

thursday, september 17th, 2009
after school in the parking lot

jack- mom! today's the race!
me- ok!
jack- we have to find my fast running shoes.
me- ok!
grace- i hope jack wins! he is sooo fast!
me- he sure is!

so, thursday evening we all headed down to the byu track for the fun run. i didn't know much about this race and i found out it was a mile race. i was beginning to hope he could finish the race... it seemed like a long way to run for him! i couldn't believe how many people came to this thing! every elementary in provo was invited. but nothing intimidated him, he was very excited and couldn't wait for his race!

he came in 20th place out of all the first graders and 4th place out of the boys in his school! he had such a blast and couldn't stop smiling! i was so proud of my little man. he can't wait for the next race and now he wants to run all the time. we told him for fhe tonight we could go down to the track and practice. we ran a bunch of races, all five of us! it was super fun!

stretching/ posing/ goofing off

striking a pose, again!

still posing, max trying to stretch

ready, set, go!

crazy boys

a good night... i love my little runners.


O Blog de Dave and Amy said...

Did you give him a Snickers before the race?? I bet $1,000 you did!! I still remember you bringing me that Snickers before MY race!! Such a good big sister. :)

Anonymous said...

SO glad you're blogging again. I was missing your updates!
You're kids are delicious. Darling little athletes!

Melanie said...

That is too cute. Derek's been dying to run a race too. Loved all the pictures.