Tuesday, September 22, 2009

j. crew

i just got my j crew catalog in the mail today. i love when it's catalog mail day. catalogs are like little gifts just for me and it gives me an excuse to sit down on the couch in the middle of the day and drool over fabulous things that i know deep down i'll never get around to purchasing. somehow it satisfies me to just peek. i can't justify buying them so i'll blog about them!
i give to you...
my j. crew favorites
(of the current catalog)

darling belt that would go with just about everything and make even the grungiest shirt sassy and cute.

cute headband eh? i think i might be able to construct a look-a-like. hmmm...

love the color of this coat! i would never let a winter's day get me down if i strutted my stuff in this and took the gloom head on?

i love this color too, but i like the construction more. sophisticated yet feminine. perfect!

LOOOVE this entire ensemble! what kind of pose is this though?!

love. every. last. tinsey. detail. about this outfit. if i had it i wouldn't even get ready for the day (like it looks like this model did). what would be the point! the clothes are really THAT fabulous!

cute cardi. ugly pants.


i might just have to grab this t while it lasts. (again, what's with this pose? "back off photographer or i'll smack you with my shimmering silver clutch i'm being forced hold... even though my other hand is crammed in this skin tight pocket.")


lramey said...

and now i'm drooling with you!!! cute cute cute cute cute. I could see you rockin every last one of those beauties, and looking more fab than those models you sweet sexy thang!!!!

Melanie said...

What a fun post! Dang...I wish I could go shopping...and have money to go shopping...oh and not be pregnant...dang. I loved all those clothes.

Anonymous said...

I could totally justify buying that yellow coat! So fabulous.