Thursday, September 24, 2009

mommy and gracie date!

a few day's before school started, gracie and i went up to salt lake for a little mother daughter date! we had such a wonderful time! i LOOOVED giving her my full attention... the entire time! she was in heaven! first we got our nails done, then gracie got her hair curled and we did some shopping at the mall (finishing up her school shopping). we went to red iguana for the BEST mexican food, leatherby's, and then off to anniversary inn for the night. we stayed in the "swiss family robinson" room. it was so fun and gracie adored it, BIG time! she still talks about how we slept in a tree house. it was a blast to see her delight. we spent the night watching "barbie and the nutcracker" and eating cheesecake until we both zonked out! we were so dang tired. then we woke up and took a bath in the huge water fall bath tub and made a stop at my favorite children's store "children's hour" on the way home. so fun! i love making special memories with my kiddies. one on one time is priceless!

red iguana-


our room-


Hubba's Thoughts said...

FUN! I bet Gracie loved every minute of that! I should do that with Madi sometime..

Jen Bird said...

What a great idea!! Grace told me about sleeping in a tree house!! ;)