Sunday, September 20, 2009

my return and some music

hello! it's been a loooong time since i've posted! wow. i've been thinking about what a blogger slacker i've been and at the same time thinking about all of the things i want to be able to remember about this time in my life.... so i'm setting a goal. i really want to start posting everyday. even if it's super random thoughts or lame activities we did that day, i don't want to forget how wonderful life can be if i can just sit and reflect for a few minutes. it's really good for my soul, and the kids like coming here and looking at pictures, and so on. so my dear family and friends. there you have it. fair warning.

today's random post is about some of the music i've been listening to recently. music is a big part of my life and easily effects my mood. i'm good at listening non stop to a few songs and wearing them out. these are just a few that i'm loving this past week or so.

sweet disposition is one that i love to listen to in the car with the windows down (perfect weather) really loud. the drums make me happy and the lyrics are pretty cool. i also like that it has an 80's outfield sound to it.

fireflies is SWEET! clay and i love it cause it reminds us of jack. he's into bugs, planets, and staying up late just hanging out with us so it totally fits! jack loves that it's "his" song. it makes him feel special. he loves just sitting here and watching the video too. awesome.

quelqu'um m'a dit- is the most lovely song EVER! i love everything about it. 1. it's in french- the most romantic and beautiful language. 2. carla bruni's voice is angelic. 3. carla bruni is gorgeous. 4. when i first heard (obsessed over) it and didn't know what it was about, i was praying that the lyrics were sweet and wholesome. i found out it's a love song and i love the words as much as the music (sigh). 5. it's the most delightful "drive the kids to school song" somehow it sets the perfect tone for the day and puts all of us in a good mood. 6. the kiddies love it as much as i do. 7. it's from the movie "500 days of summer" so it reminds me of a movie i love. 8. it makes me grateful i have such a wonderful husband who loves me. 9. i love the dramatic guitar (this youtube recording isn't the best, but i liked the video). 10. it makes me happy when i (try to) sing along with it. i feel cool that i know how to a sing french! :)

i hope this music makes you as happy as it makes me. enjoy.


Jen Bird said...

Ahh yes!! You're back!! So glad. I jumped on your blog so I could see your pics with Grace because I couldn't find them on FB, so you'll have to tell me where they are! ;) Love the music. You might have to burn me a cd and I'll have to catch that movie!! Love ya!

Holly said...

YAY! you are coming back to blogging! i'm really so very glad!

Holly said...

and i love carla bruni's song too, but mostly because i LOVED 500 days of summer! i'll have to get it for the car.

Holly said...

sorry for the three comments, but i just have to say that i'm totally stuck listening to The Smiths song There is a Light that Never Goes Out from 500 Days. we should totally go see that movie when it hits the dollar theater.