Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i heart autumn

today i got an itch to decorate the house for HaLloWeEn.

so i got out all of my painted gourds,

filled my apothecary jars with candy,

and hung my little banners.

it was so beautiful outside today. all the colors on the mountain were so bright. the clouds hovered all day long and kept the air crisp and cool. it was the kind of day where i wanted to stay tucked away in my bed all day long. but of course i couldn't so after volunteering in jack's class, i went home and waited for my max to come home from preschool. together we made banana bread and i lit my pumpkin spice candle. the house had such a wonderful smell... it made me smile. before i knew it it was time to go pick up the twins from school. then we went to the park to capture the colors of the mountains but these don't do them justice. they were much more vibrant in real life.
oh well.

jack being funny and grace and paige "freezing"
(it wasn't THAT cold).

jack being silly again...
and gracie pretending like she is having fun

then gracie got too cold so we left. when we got home, i could smell our neighbor's fire in their fireplace. it was heavenly. i am so in love with this weather. it makes me so happy.
the day went on and was very busy and hectic. that's our life right now...
wouldn't change a thing!


Anonymous said...

Oh, if I only I were as fabulous as you!
Love the decor!

Jen Bird said...

I LOVE this time of year! So I found THE BEST caramel recipe for our caramel apples. It seriously is SOOO good and so easy. It's even super fast and easy....can't wait to show you. When I make them, I'll bring you one and I'll let you compare!! ;)