Friday, September 25, 2009

bribery & bookmarks

last night we went to a wonderful little orchard and got our family pictures taken. megan was amazing!(moondoggie, she posted a preview already! YAY!) i'm so excited to see how they all turned out! can't wait. anyway, clay and i had discussed earlier that we would bribe our three rambunctious kiddies and tell them if they were good and did what megan asked, they could each pick out a book at barns and noble. they behaved beautifully.... so we went to the book store and they each picked out a book. jack a "transformers" book. grace an "amelia bedelia" book(my suggestion, love that amelia!). and max a "curious george" book. while we were in line, gracie was ooooing and aaaahing over the selection of bookmarks. who buys bookmarks? i told her we will make some. as a girl i always made my own bookmarks. it's fun, right?! so tonight clay took the boys out and gracie and i stayed in and made bookmarks. i even sacrificed some of my ultimate vintage wool yarn for the love of reading and fancy bookmarks! we made one for jack, max, and some friends too. jack LOOOOVED his so much and has been carrying it around all evening, telling me what books he wants to read and how he can use his new bookmark!


heather peck said...

Kristen, I found your blog off your FB page...and I LOVE it!! You are so creative and such a fun mom!! It will be fun to "check in" and see what you are up to~
PS What did you use to make your bookmarks? Is that card stock??

~j. said...

I clicked on the link to your photo preview -- so beautiful! I'd love to see the rest of the photos!