Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Simple Pleasures

This week has been, to say the least, Crazy! I feel like the days just fly by! I can't beleive I haven't posted in sooo long. This past week Clay has been out of town and we have missed him dearly. We took a little road trip tovisit some of our favorite people! Saturday, the kiddies and I picked up Mom from work (downtown SLC) and headed up to My Grandparents house! It was so nioce to see their smiling faces again and chat for a little bit. {we couldn't stay too long because the kids were sooo tired... you can tell by the picture}.

The rest of the weekend was spent in Bountiful with my parents!

We had such a fun time and Jack and Grace can't stop talking about it.

Every day they want to plan the next trip!

Thanks for such a great time and Thanks for being such
Wonderful Grandparents!!

Since we have been home it's been the same old routine running the kids to their activities, cleaning the house, a few trips to the grocery store.....

I have, however, been able to squeeze in a few moments for myself here and there.

Last night my friend Jen and I were able to sneek away and got to the


for some (much needed) down time.

We peeked in a bunch of Magazines at Borders, browsed in and out of our favorite

boutiques, and had a delightful dinner {all I could eat crab!!!} at Magleby's.

It was very refreshing and when I returned home I was ready to be Mom again.

I also have been wanting to finish a bunch of projects (most I have only started in my mind).

Here are a few:

*Finish the little doll for Gracie.

*Finish the little dress for Gracie.

*Start on Maxwells bedding.

*Start a little Skirt for Gracie.

*Paint the little hutch my mom gave me.

*Make a cute spring banner for the house.

*Barrettes and headbands for Gracie.

(don't worry people, I will do something fun for the boys too..)

so much to do, soooooo little time.

At least I'm ready to get started. I don't know what it is about making things for my family and friends that puts me in such a good mood. I just love the creation process. What colors.. What trims...Details...Shall it Sparkle????


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Messimoo said...

I love all your different material. Very cute! I'm so glad you got some down time.

We missed seeing you at computer class this week. Hopefully we will be there next week.