Saturday, March 24, 2007

Popcorn Popping

Yesterday, as we anxiously awaited a visit from Jen and Paityn by the window, Gracie noticed our Apricot trees and their beautiful blossoms. She said in the cutest, nicest, little voice, "Mom, did you put those flowers on those trees? They look sooooo cute!" shortly after, with the same enthusiasm, Jack said "Good job Mom!" After my heart stopped fluttering, I said "No, those are apricot blossoms!" and went on explaining the wonderful process of spring blooms. Then we sang popcorn popping on the apricot tree. (they loved that we were actually looking out the window ~ but of course!) It was so cute and I love how innocent and pure Jack, Grace, and Max are at this adorable age. Anyway, Jen and Paityn arrived and we had a fun afternoon! We had a yummy lunch and then headed outside as the children wanted to play in the sun. Then Jen and I decided to cut some branches from the "popcorn trees" and bring the outside in for an inexpensive (free) decoration for our homes!

{The children admiring the trees} {Our popcorn tree creation} {Gracie warning everyone about the dead bee~ thanks Grace }

It was such a nice day! I love spending time outside and watching the children rediscover the outdoors.


Jen Bird said...

We had so much fun on Friday!! It's always a treat getting to hang out with you and your sweet kids. We'll have to do it again. Oh, and I love my branches. :-)

Messimoo said...

I'm sure you did put those blossoms on the tree! You and your fun projects, I wouldn't put it past you! See you at computer class!

Messimoo said...

We missed you at computer class Monday. I hope everyone is feeling well.

Elizabeth said...

Just outside today I was taking picture after picture of all the blossoms and witnesses of spring. Thinking that might be my post tomorrow, but we'll see. I love this time of year!!