Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patricks Day!


Today we enjoyed:

  1. waffles for breakfast
  2. a trip to the park with grandma and grandpa
  3. a yummy lunch at del taco
  4. three napping children and a new c.d. on the way home from bountiful
  5. making green popcorn together (popcorn with melted green chocolate)
  6. going to tecia's party which included to following:
  • a delicious traditional irish dinner(corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, salad, green fruit, green fancy drink, soda bread, and, the kids favorite, jello jigglers cut into their own initials and other fun shapes!)
  • coloring activity for the kids
  • an exciting play date with two ginnea pigs
  • some bounces on a trampoline
  • bags of gold coins a friendly lepricon hid for the nine excited children(leaving behind footprints and all)
  • green popcorn and other fun snacks
  • delightful conversation and lots of laughing

Thanks Mom, Dad and Tecia!
We had Wonderful day!
We're so Lucky to have you in our lives!


Anderson Family said...

Your sight is so cute, Kris! What a fun day you had with your kids. It is so nice to have a funfilled day to make memories and make tired kids! You are such a great mom and we can't wait to see you guys in a few months. You are the best!!!!

Hubba's Thoughts said...

YUM! Tell Tecia I'm coming next time! Eveything looked like a lot of fun and it looked very tasty!!

Tecia said...

Thanks again for coming, Kristen. It was so fun to have your company at the "adult" table and super fun for Carter and the other kids to have your kids' company...they're dolls! I can't wait for another holiday and another party. Easter here we come.