Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Spring!

I was hoping to have my "Happy Spring" banner all finished and hung by today,

~The 1st Day Of Spring~

but I guess it's just not going to happen.
I did start it though and my wheat grass is planted!

I have also been working on organizing our mud room (yikes!)
It's the biggest disaster of the house and I'm a little intimidated
but I think I can tackle it (one of these days).
I'll keep you updated but don't expect a picture anytime soon.
Anyway, Spring is officially here!
Here's a sweet poem that I love.
No matter how long the winter,
How hard the frost or how deep
the snow, Nature triumphs.
No season is awaited so eagerly
or welcomed so warmly as spring.
~Sheila Pickles
Did I mention that I love Spring?


Messimoo said...

You have such cute ideas! Someday, I might get inventive! You inspire me! :)

Elizabeth said...

I found your blog from Jessica's. I love wheatgrass -- especially once it pops through whatever you've planted it in and it becomes a fun centerpiece. Your banner looks like fun. Did you finish it? I'd love to see a picture.