Sunday, January 6, 2008

Recipe For a Perfect Evening

Step 1. Have the boys in the family go downstairs and watch a "Boy Movie"
(Our boys watched Transformers....again)

Step 2. Break out the "Cupcake Baking Kit" (very complete...quite impressed) that the little girl in the family got from Daddy for Christmas. Preheat oven and mix up a bunch of ingredients making sure to use every single, little, piece of the kit.
Every utensil and gadget needs to be tested.

Step 3. Pour cupcake mix into mini cupcake tins.
Take your time. This is a VERY important process.

Step 4. Bake cupcakes. Let cool for a little bit. Meanwhile, Take some time to decide on the color the frosting will be. Then make sure it's the perfect shade. Again, don't rush. Frost.
Then pause for a moment so Mommy can take another picture.

Step 5. Test the final product. Let the little baker be the first to take a bite!

Step 6. Let the boys know the cupcakes are ready and see how fast they can make it upstairs and down 3 cupcakes a piece. Make sure to laugh and make a big mess of everything!!


Hubba's Thoughts said...

YUMMY!! I bet Gracie had a lot of fun helping you with that project.. I got some cookie cutters from Madi for Christmas and I think Madi and I will break those out today and make some sugar cookies.. Have a great day.

O Blog de Dave and Amy said...

How fun! Grace, those cupcakes look delicious!!! You look like a VERY good baker, just like your mom!

Summer said...

Oh yum Kristen! You are the ultimate baker! I love all your pictures!

Holly said...

grace is so cute kristen! i love that skirt (as you well know) and i have those same baby legs too. great minds...

the cupcakes look great!

mom said...

What a fun mother-daughter activity. The cupcakes look delicious and it looks like Grace is going to be a great cook, just like her mother. The pictures are so cute, and I'll bet the boys love it when you make treats for them.