Sunday, January 27, 2008

January Happenings

So...we've had some serious snow around these parts.The kids are beside themselves with glee at the outdoor play land we've got going on: tubing, shoveling (oh, the shoveling) and generally rolling around in the powder. For now, and for the most part - I'm rather enjoying all the snow. It's beautiful out there! And inside is the pleasure of January nesting - we're getting in some serious couch time; drinking lots of cocoa and creating lots of little crafts here and there (grace especially, she is constantly working on some kind of elaborate project!) And then there's the baking... more than I ever thought possible. What is it about these cold, snowy, dreary days that makes me crave warm, comfort food? I love making things with the kiddies too. Baking is kind of the big event in our home lately... where we can all participate and work together to produce a yummy and delightful finished product in just a couple of hours or less. I love the warmth it provides in the kitchen and the smell of the food permeating our home all day. I mean, we can only spend so much time in the 20 and 30 degree weather.. what else is a mommy of three little ones to do?


O Blog de Dave and Amy said...

Looks fun and not to mention, beautiful! Completely opposite of the weather here right now. You'll have to send me some good recipies. Poor Dave gets home cooked meals and baked goods pretty much never!

Holly said...

I agree wholeheartedly!!