Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Birthday Giveaway

Okay... so I mentioned a giveaway a few days ago.
Saturday is my birthday so I want to celebrate it with you
by giving you something.
I started making these barettes (inspired by these)for the beehive bazaar
but I never got around to finishing them.
I love putting them in Gracie's hair and I wear them too!
I have about 20 to give away .
Just make a comment and E-mail your address at
and you get one!
I'm sure I don't have that many people visiting my blog on a
regular basis so pass the word around!

Speaking of the Beehive Bazaar I have to show you my darling treasures I got last weekend!

cute little puddle jumpers for Gracie

Cute little smock for Gracie's cooking/cleaning/crafting projects!

A stained glass flower for the toy room window
A button and gift tags for me!
**there really wasn't anything for the boys... so sad.


Messimoo said...

I love those barettes. So I have a question......

Messimoo said...

If I comment more than once, do I get more than one?????

Love the shoes, smock, star and everything.

Messimoo said...

:), missed seeing you at computer class. See you in a few weeks!

~j. said...

Here's my official comment. (tee hee)

Um, I'm learning that there is a WORLD more of things for girls than for boys! (What's a mom to do?)

Jenny said...

Barrettes are Adorable...wish I had a little girl, but I would still love one!
Great finds at the bazaar...ya, bummer there wasn't much for the boys.
Happy Birthday!

Jen Bird said...

K..I'm in love with the barettes. They turned out so cute!! I totally want one...I still can't believe you're giving stuff out for your birthday, you're so sweet. Happy Birthday tomorrow!!

Hubba's Thoughts said...

Kristen, everything you make always turns out great! Good job on the barettes! They're really cute. Have a WONDERFUL birthday tomorrow! Love you!

Messimoo said...

How was your birthday? I wanted to get on and wish you a happy day on the actual day but hubby had the computer at school all day! Bummer! So, happy birthday to you!

Holly said...

I look at your blog! Am i too late for a barrette? I got one of those at Jenny's little party she hosted a few weeks ago. SO cute! And I love having girls. It's too much fun to dress and accessorize them!

Holly said...
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