Sunday, December 13, 2009


just now, as i was helping max into his jammies, i couldn't help admiring his soft round cheeks, pouty lips, and his lovely, innocent eyes. i kissed him on the nose where it turns up a little at the tip. i melted... i softly said "max, don't get bigger, ok? stay little just like this." usually he looks at me a little confused when i say this and says "i CAN'T!" but tonight he softly said "ok, i'll just say, i don't want a birthday." and hugged me.
my oh my i love this child.

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the Lola Letters said...

just read this post.
i don't know how i missed it.
but all i have to say is:


streaming down my face.

why is it all going by so fast?!

max is a gem and a half
{times a thousand}

...that boy.