Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween '09

trunk or treat

halloween fell on a saturday this year so the day seemed like an eternity. the kids wanted to go trick-or-treating the minute they woke up. i thought i would make a fun early dinner to have something to look forward to. we made spooky root beer, eyeballs (grapes) and i made this creepy meatloaf "hand". i was pleased with how gross it turned out looking. i was trying so hard not to laugh when i put it on the table. none of the kids wanted to eat it.
then after a couple of minutes of clay and i eating and saying how yummy it was, they all decided to try it (after i told them it's just meatloaf). they loved it and it was funny listening to them say things like "i want the pinky" and "i think this is hulk's hand" and "this is such a yummy thumb"! haha

we went to jack and gracie's school for the parade and parties! so cute and fun!


Amanda Warren said...

Kristen, are you and Clay dressed up as Maverik and Ice Man? If so, I love the costumes!

mom said...

Kristen, your creativity amazes me! I love all the fun things you do. The costumes are all darling. And the meatloaf???? All the food looks very interesting. Looks like you had a Happy Halloween.

rachelle said...

no really gracie is sooo pretty!! she looks just like you!

Holly said...

you guys are so cute.