Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Last Saturday were eating at
this wonderful establishment
and while he was eating his pepperoni pizza,
he sincerely said
"I wish I had a pepperoni tree!"

then on the way home he was singing
"I am a child of God"
and instead of
"parents kind and dear",
he sang
"parents kind of dear"
with shoulders shrugged.

love that kid.


Anonymous said...

He's so sweet :) I have to say I really like the age 3. It's pretty entertaining.

mom said...

Max is so great! He's so innocent in what he says.

amy anderson said...

Cute Max! I can't wait til the twins are a little bit older and start saying cute things like that.

Messimoo said...

Too cute! You are such a good Mommy! I love your pajama party idea! You're so sweet!