Saturday, May 2, 2009

Degraff Recent Happenings!

Jack had an Awsome season!
Great job Jack!

Fairy Party at the library!

So fun and festive! Gracie had a ball with her friends Paige and Brynn!

Easter Egg Hunt!

What a sweet tradition! This year it was such fun getting together with all of our friends!
Thanks summer!

Easter Morning!

Spring Break!

After church on Easter Sunday we went to California for spring break! It was so fun and we stayed in the same Capitola beach house that we were in last time we went in January! It was so wonderful! We got to see my friends Benae and Melissa again! Other than that we just laid around on the beach and shopped and ate yummy food! My kind of family vacation!

This is us walking down to the beach with our friends the Calaways (Clay's partner's family)!
The kiddies at the beach.. They all played so well together! Jack and Grace and Max keep talking about their new friend, Ben. They say "we have a friend Ben and he's 10, and he's our friend!" They also loved Ellie and Nathan! They have a darling little baby girl, Tessa too! When we were walking to the beach one day, Max was walking by her stroller and said "baby tessa is the cutest baby in the whole world! Even cuter than me!!" he said it so seriously... hahaha it was so funny!

I want to live next door to this bakery! It is DIVINE! We went there every chance we got!
It was right down from our little beach house!

Olitas is another favorite place to eat! The lobster quesadilla is so good it's making my mouth water right now! Fabulous!
Oh, and I even got to visit Britex Fabrics in downtown San Francisco! I was so giddy there. It was everything I've ever wanted in a craft/ fabric store all in one place! I could have spent all day there! I was dying!
Then to top it off, Clay signed me up for a spa day at a sweet spa in San Jose! How sweet! It was fun to be pampered!

It was a perfect spring break!

The Beehive Bazaar!

How cute is this mobile! Thanks Molly! I think it will find it's home in our toy room!

Stephanie's yummy cupcakes! Serious indulgence.. and it tastes as wonderful as it looks! (so, i know, i have a weird cupcake fetish!)
We also found a bunch of darling jewlery that I had to snatch up, some cute notebooks from vinaylicious for the boys, a cute skirt noelle made for gracie, and a few other random treasures that i just couldn't live without! :)


Ok, yesterday Max came up to me with a big smile and had a huge chunck of hair missing from his forehead! At first I was a little sad cause i loved his long locks but I couldn't help but laugh at the situation. After having a serious talk about playing with scissors, I buzzed him up! I think he looks as cute as ever! (at least it wasn't Gracie! I don't have to worry about her doing this though.. one time she got gum stuck in her hair and i had to cut out a tiny bit and she was hysterically screaming and crying.. "don't cut it, don't cut it!!!!")

The DeGraff's Pajama Party!

Thursday afternoon I took Gracie to the doctor to have a little rash looked at. Long story short we ended up at the hospital getting a bunch of tests thinking she had rheumatic fever! I was so worried and scared. It's amazing how at noon I'm having lunch with friends laughing and chatting and three hours later I'm in the hospital stressing out about my daughters future health situation. Thank goodness the test results were negative and she just has strep (and not one symptom!?) Anyway, the kids didn't go to school Friday so they missed their pajama party. They were so sad and confused because they didn't feel sick (but they're strep tests were positive!?) Frustration. Well, I told them we would have our own "special" pajama party tonight and we had a blast! We have a book of science experiments that they always want to do but I never am in the mood for. Sooo, we did a bunch of those, had chocolate fondue with lots of yummy treats, and read books until we were all too tired for more! However, we didn't watch any movies or tv since it's "tv turnoff week" at school (they haven't complained at all!? I guess they really want the book they get for the PRIZE!!!)

Such good times!
Life is sweet!

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Hubba's Thoughts said...

Hey, I love that last picture! Max's hair looks great! It does make him look older. I also love that mobile you got, very cute! Thanks for the update! Have a great night.

lramey said...

seriously, you are SOOOO beautiful, and such a great mama. WHat fun you've had!!!! SO jealous of your awesome adventures in California!!! Weird that the kids had strep but felt fine- so annoying for you and them!!!! But how cute are you to throw them their own PJ party- like I said- fabulastic mama!

Anonymous said...

How fun! You make me want kids. You have the best ideas.

Rebecca said...

Hey Kristen,
Reading your blog makes me miss you so much! I miss having you live right across the street (even though I don't live over there anymore) amaze me with all the fun things you and your family do and what beautiful spirits you all have.

mom said...

What fun times your family has been having. That's a great soccer game. Way to go, Jack! Looks like the girls had fun at their fairy party, too; Gracie looks so cute in her dress and tiara. Easter egg hunts are always exciting. I love your family Easter picture; what a beautiful family! I want to see all of your California pictures; I can tell you're having a wonderful vacation. Max, I can't wait to actually see your haircut... You're so good looking! Pajama parties are the best. Looks like you planned the best one of all!! So many fun things happening in your family. Love you so much!

amy anderson said...

we miss the Degraffs!!!

by the way- Dave has been obsessed with the new dmb song lately. I bet he'll be proud of you for having it on your blog. :) He'll say something about it. Just wait!

the Lola Letters said...

Oh my goodness, you are the best mom ever. I loved this so much!