Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Another mothers day! Another day of me in awe at the blessed joy it is to be a children are such jewels! If you know me well, you will hear me complain and vent about the kiddies and the time they take from me, the effort I put into every tiny detail relating to them, the seemingly endless frustration I feel at the end of most days, and you'll find me yearning for easier, less
hectic days.... My children eek out every last ounce of energy and patience almost daily but I am growing in ways that I didn't know were possible. Lately I feel I am somewhat savoring the joys of the harvest...the fruit of my labors of the past few years. Today I felt utterly spoiled at the blessings that have been poured out on myself and my family. I have felt lately that I really MUST find pleasure in every little stage of motherhood. Time truly does fly and Jack, Grace, and Max are changing right before my eyes!

Every Night after we read the scriptures we kneel down as a family and say family prayer. Before Clay or I say a prayer, we will ask who wants to say a prayer. Usually they will all want to say their own wonderful, little, heartfelt prayer. Each is unique and they are grateful for different things that day and then ask for different, special blessings.
However, they all say the same thing at the beginning. After saying "Heavenly Father," they all say "Thank you for this Blessey day." I don't know how it became a habit for them or who started it but it is in every single prayer. I love that they say this and my heart is touched every time I hear it come out of their mouths. Every day IS a blessey day. Everyday spent feeding them, cleaning them, cleaning after them, teaching them, playing and reading with them. Everyday the kiddies driving me crazy and, I, never ceasing to love and adore them, is a

Oh, and thanks to Clay (and the kiddies), every blessey day I get to smell like this



Dugovic Domain said...

Happy Mother's Day!! I LOVED reading this post - you are such a thoughtful, sweet mom - your kids are VERY blessed! I love love love Jack's Robot! Kort does that all the time! He made a huge "giant" in the backyard the other day using the swimming pool (body), a hoola hoop (big, round nose), some bricks (eyes), a curved pole (for a smile) and some boards (arms and legs) - so funny! What a great age.

Hubba's Thoughts said...

Hey, I'm so happy you had a nice Mother's day! I love reading your posts, you seem to put so much thought into what you write and the finished product is so nice! You are a great Mom and your kids are lucky to have you!!

mom said...

You have put it so beautifully; you have a magical way with words. Oh, how I love every member of your family!