Friday, April 18, 2008

A Friday Morning

Jack Dale is sick today with a fever. Sooo sad to see him in a bad mood and so lethargic!
He did, however, muster up enough energy to create a "robot dad"! Supposedly he is going to make a movie about him!

Gracie looks so grown up in this picture! This morning as we were laying in my bed I was cuddling the boys and Grace was being impatient about breakfast. I said "how about we pretend that we (Jack Max, and I) are the kids and you are the Mommy (hoping she would go get some cereal and bring it to us.....and stop whining! Besides she thrives on being in charge so I thought it was worth a shot!). She made a thoughtful expression and said shaking her head and raising her eyebrows "then I would just have to clean all day!" It was so funny.
She is being a big helper today and she even got dressed all by herself (FYI she did an amazing job... she put together an adorable outfit with leg warmers and all!!)

Maxwell Dennis is running a fever too. He's taking an early nap since he was up most of the night. This morning while I was taking my bath he came in and "read" me Peter Rabbit, one of his favorites... he pretty much has it memorized. He was so animated and sooo cute! When he was finished, he said loudly "The End!" and ran out, shutting the door behind him.

Next on the Agenda...... we are going to make a matching game with Buzz and flowers....all in one game! Brilliant! Ohhh....the joys of four year old twins!

Monday night for Family Home Evening
we popped popcorn in our living room
and watched the Jazz game!
The kiddies loved it!
As a bonus the Jazz WON! YAY!

I'm so in love with my Kiddies!


O Blog de Dave and Amy said...

Cute pictures! You guys always do really fun things. I hope they feel better soon. Grace does look really grown up and pretty in that picture! Have a good weekend!


Hubba's Thoughts said...

Great pictures!! I think it's funny what Grace said about cleaning all day. At least she notices you do it.. I hope Jack and Max feel better soon!! See you tomorrow!

mom said...

Fun idea! Popcorn is always good. You're making such fun memories for your children. Go JAZZ!

mom said...

Sorry that the boys weren't feeling very well; I hope they're better now. Tell Jack I love his "Robot Dad"; he's so creative. Gracie looks cute and I know she likes to be just like her mom! Max has such a fun personality and makes me laugh. We love you.

Marisa said...

Kristen!! I don't know how I ran into your blog, but I was so excited to see you and your darling kids. I just remember your struggles back when I'd visit you at your shop years ago. I have 3 girls now and we are in the Bay Area. Our KFC just switched back to Kentucky Fried Chicken on the front and I thought of our days there long ago. I'll be peeking at your blog and all of your awesome ideas. My blog is

Nicolle said...

Your kids are getting so BIG! Wow they are so cute! Gracie looks so much like you!