Friday, August 8, 2008

Currently loving:
to eat-costco pistachios
to drink-diet pepsi with cherry syrup
to hear-my kiddies in the other room playing "stage" (they are making up plays today! sooo funny!) and adele
to watch-burn notice
to wear-skirts and aprons
to read-breaking dawn
prepping my twinners for kindergarten!


Summer said...

I wish you would fix your computer and get your posting on already! We want visuals!!

Kristen said...

I'm SORRY... to all of my 9 readers! Especially you Summer! I'll try harder to figure it out! :) My computer's MESSED! I can't even comment on blogs if they have a "type this secret word" thingy! I promise I'm not ignoring your blogs... Kisses to you all!

O Blog de Dave and Amy said...

I was in Anthropologie last week and I thought of you as I walked by the aprons. I LOVE them, but I don't think heating up a can of spaghettios for dinner requires the wearing of an apron. :)
Our blog is retarded right now too. I spent all that time making the new one and half of the time it doesn't work!! GRR.... Oh, well.

Jen Bird said...

I'm glad you're still posting something...dang computers! It's fun to just hear what you're up to. But those are all great things to love!! Oh, and I'm LOving Adele at the moment too. That makes me happy. Call me when you get to St. George so we can meet for lunch or something....I have a great restaurant and store I want to show you. It reminds me of you!

Dugovic Domain said...

I love Burn notice - yay! I don't know anyone else who watches it. We are SUCH kindred spirits ;)We are having a kiddies sleepover at Regan's on Thursday night, so if you feel like packing 4 overnight bags and hauling your cute little munchkins up there with me it would be totally fun! Gage and Gunner have ponies, motorcycles, and a playroom the size of my house - let's do it!
And, are you coming on Saturday at ten? (say yes say yes!)

leah said...

Kristen, Hi how are you? I wish I knew a thing about computers but I don't. I haven't seen you in a while - I haven't been going to pump (I'm pregnant and that's about all I can handle at the moment.) Anyways I love visiting once in a while - your family is darling.

rachelle said...

fun to see what ur loving! and yes i want to see pics too!

Messimoo said...

How is Kindergarten???????