Friday, March 21, 2008

Is it spring already?

Geesh...where did this month go? Has it really been a month since my last post? I've been a really bad blogger haven't I? I've been so wrapped up in my own "personal" things that I have forgotten about keeping you *in touch* with the DeGraffs!

Easter is early this year and I'm kinda having issues with that, so we've decided to just keep things as simple as possible around here. We have spent A Lot of time outside this past week or two! Our yard is quite the wonderland for a two year old and two four year olds! As I was tucking Gracie in today she couldn't stop talking about how much she LOVED playing outside! Even little Max has turned out to be quite the adventurist climbing all over the place striving to keep up with his brother and sister!

Any day now Spring Cleaning mode will kick in but... it seems to be taking it's time this year. It just hasn't hit me yet. In fact, even my daily chores have been neglected. I mean, our house isn't completely trashed, but I can't bring myself (or the kiddies) to stay inside for more than a few minutes! In other words......
I meant to do my work today, But a brown bird sang in the apple tree, And a butterfly flitted across the field, And all the leaves were calling me. And the wind went sighing over the land, Tossing the grasses to and fro And a rainbow held out its shining hand- So what could I do but laugh and go?

by Richard Le Gallienne

Yep, This just about sums up my life the past few days! Outside or running the kiddies around the valley to their little preschools and other activities!

Tomorrow I need to get into gear and finish preparing for Easter Sunday!

Coming Soon...... Images of-

*"Spring Corners of our Home" (my cute Easter decor)

*our (Summer's) Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Rock Canyon Park!

*other Easter affair,

*and, of course, Easter at the DeGraff residence!


Holly said...

i can totally relate. and we are in need of some m ajor spring cleaning here! i'm dreading it and looking forward to it too!

~j. said...

I'm hoping for the warm weather soon so we can get the kids together! I haven't forgotten! (let's just get over this cold weather and all the sicknesses, please oh please oh please...)