Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love Thought #4

A love letter.

Dear Old Man Winter,
I feel like we haven't been getting along too well as of late. I feel like I should offer an apology and let you know that I am actually quite fond of you.

Without you, I couldn't

*go skiing in a couple of weeks
*build a snowman with my kiddies tomorrow
*drink hot chocolate
*take long bubble baths (they just aren't the same without you)
*look out my windows and see a pure white wonderland
*build a fire in the fireplace and sit and watch the flames dance
*drive a snowmobile

*wear my favorite sweaters, coats, uggs, soft cozy socks, scarfs and hats
*appreciate my four wheel drive Land Rover & snow tires
*spend all day indoors and feel good about it
*make "snow jello"
*go tubing at Rock Canyon Park
*let my awesome neighbors do us the service of clearing our driveway
*see the temple from our deck (in the summer the trees block our view)
*cuddle under our cozy blankets and watch t.v. or movies with my family
*see my breath outside
*watch as kiddies sit on the heater and put a quilt on top of them, and r
ecall the days I did the same in my own childhood
*let my body get flabby since I can hide it with jeans and sweaters
*have snowball fights
*hear Gracie say "look at the has sparkles on it!"

*see deer and deer tracks in the snow all over our neighborhood like I did tonight

(there are about five in the very center of this picture...behind the tree.)

So you see, I do love you. You just get on my nerves sometimes but I will just keep in mind the things I love about you and we will be able to live with one another ...for a few more weeks, anyway!
Lots of love,

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Hubba's Thoughts said...

That's a great list you have!! You have always been good at finding the good in everything around you. Stay warm!!!