Sunday, November 18, 2007

Must record

Friday we went to the Children's Discovery Museum (up at Gateway) with my brother Brian and his adorable wife and boys. While there, my kiddies went to the little grocery store area and started shopping! Gracie was taking it very seriously and continued earnestly putting things (darling, child size, wood and plastic grocery items) in her basket. I went into a little isle that had some things that I didn't think she saw and grabbed some "canned pineapples" ...she loves pineapples. I said "Here Gracie... look at these yummy pineapples!" and put them in her basket. She replied in a very annoyed voice "Mom, no, it's NOT on my list" and quickly put them back on the shelf. This reminded me that I say this to her every time we go the the grocrey store.
she was in charge in this store and loving every minute.
It made me smile.
It was so cute.
Oh how I love you, my Gracie girl!


mom said...

The Children's Museum is such a fun place to visit. Kristen, Gracie's comment about the "list" sounds familiar....Do you know what I mean? Your family is great and we love you.

Matt Heaton said...

Nice blog!! I read the WHOLE thing :) Good pictures. I never put any pictures up on my blog. Sorry, gotta go - Material Girl is playing on the radio ;-)

Oh - PLEASE don't approve/post this comment!!

Told you I would find your blog!!



Messimoo said...

That is great! I need to take our yahoos to the museum!