Monday, June 4, 2007


Oh, what do you do in the
when all the world is green?

Here are a few things our family does!

We go on walks.
Saturday evening we went to feed the ducks at BYU. Then we went on a walk around the campus. It was so fun. Clay had a lot of stories to tell about the years he spent there. And then we went to Smart Cookie . All I can say about that place is, um, Heavenly!!

We ride our Plazma Cars.

These little cars bring so much joy and laughter everytime they ride them. We usually ride them out on our driveway, but sometimes we take them to the park and sometimes we even ride them around and around and around our kitchen table!
(I'm glad we bought one for all three of our kids. They love to race and just play together on them. It's one thing that I don't make them share so they can pleasantly play for a long period of time! If your kids don't have one, put one on their Birthday/Christmas list!)

We go to Seven Peaks.

Today we went for the second time this season!
The kiddies had sooo much fun and I have to admit... I did too!
A bunch of my friends and I got passes here so
I'm sure we will spend A LOT of time here this summer!


Jen Bird said...

What a fun summer so far!! So I'm thinking that I want a Seven Peaks pass for sure. I'll have to call you. :-) HMMM...and don't you just LOVE SMART COOKIE!! I swear I stop by all the time.

Jenny said...

You guys are so fun! Next time we have a little play date at the park, I'll have to bring Jackson's gravity car - he'd love to see other kids riding theirs. Oh, and Smart Cookie - I'm a HUGE fan!

P.s. Love the barretts.

Messimoo said...

Ummmmm......I have never heard of Smart Cookie. Your summer looks like fun thus far. Can't wait for computer class next week!

Elizabeth said...

We go over to the duck pond a lot at BYU to feed the ducks (the one on 8th North). I was just thinking that I could possibly pass you sometime and wouldn't even know it! I have heard a lot about Smart Cookie, but I've never tried it. Maybe we'll be going tonight to check it out!
And, p.s., just saw that picture of you (from Seven Peaks), and you are gorgeous!