Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Day In The Life

Most days are busy for us, but this one was particularly non stop. First we (Jack, Grace, Max, and I) woke up and did some shopping at Target, made a quick stop at Zurchers, then rushed to

Computer class. Then, we picked up some Pizza on the way home since the kids were starving, got home and ate. After our meal, we were delighted to have visitors! Jen and Madison came by and we made two

batches of "Alicia" Cupcakes with fancy buttercream frosting. It was fun making them together. After eating our masterpieces, the twins and Max took a much needed nap. I sat down for 10 minutes, our company left for home, and then I started dinner. We ate when the kiddies woke up around 5:15 and then off to the Church for a Presidency meeting and our Young Womens Activity (the original reason for making cupcakes). Then we came home, jammies, books, scriptures, brushed our teeth, potty, bed. Now I have to go tidy up the house, fold laundry, and watch my American Idol!
What did you do today? Isn't life is sweet?

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Messimoo said...

Those pictures are great! I definitely need to catch my kiddos in action.

Nice cupcakes, they look yummy! What are Alicia cupcakes???? Anything special put in?